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We introducing a faster, easier, more effective way to clean CPAP machine equipment.We sell the world’s most automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer, an innovative device that naturally sanitizes CPAP equipment without the need for disassembly, water or messy chemicals. It’s the safer, healthier way to breathe cleaner and have a better CPAP experience.In addition to the health benefits connected with using cleaned and sanitized CPAP equipment, there is also the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your CPAP equipment has been cleaned. To create products that positively change the CPAP experience is truly a pleasure.

Our Technology

Ultrasonic technology comes as a result of ultrasound, an oscillating sound pressure wave that operates at a frequency beyond the human range of hearing.In water, these powerful waves produce a process called cavitation which creates bubbles that do the cleaning. This technology has been used for years in medical and industrial applications.An Ultrasonic CPAP Cleaner Is a Microprocessor Controlled Device. The Powerful Internal Sensors Enhance The Ultrasonic Power And Provide Excellent Cleaning Results.

activated oxygen cleaning completely sanitizes your CPAP mask, hose, and reservoir without any water or chemicals.The Ozone CPAP Cleaner automatically cleans your CPAP or Bi-Level Machine using Ozone, also known as activated oxygen, in only 30 minutes. Simply connect your CPAP or BiLevel machine to the Rescomf, turn it on , and walk away. In this 30 minute time frame Rescomf kills 99% of disease causing pathogens such as mold, bacteria and viruses that grow in the CPAP mask, hose and water chamber.

UV light will disinfect up to 99% of harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi that can cause infection and illness.
UV light is also the safest disinfection option for a cpap mask cleaner on the market.